Ingravitto Quality Management Policy

INGRAVITTO, aware of the importance of quality management at the present time and, above all, in the construction sector, is committed to the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its Management System of the Quality (SGC), assuming as a primary objective to increase customer satisfaction.


INGRAVITTO's Management, in its commitment to quality, establishes its Management Policy and Objectives, providing the necessary resources and permanently reviewing the effectiveness of its QMS to make decisions aimed at the continuous improvement of its performance.


This commitment is extended to all INGRAVITTO personnel, through communication and understanding of the Policy, thus ensuring awareness of the importance of meeting both customer requirements and legal and regulatory requirements and other requirements. that the Entity subscribes, as well as the correct performance of its activities.


The General Directorate has decided to give the following general guidelines to achieve the highest degree of quality in the services provided by the organization: Comply with and respect the legislation, regulations and current provisions applicable to our organization, both general legislation, the sector and those from interested parties, taking into account our purposes and knowing the context in which the organization operates.


Provide a service that achieves maximum customer satisfaction. Implement the most productive and efficient systems and methods in a coordinated manner. Ensure at all times the perfect qualification of the personnel, providing them with the adequate and necessary training and training. In addition, the process of continuous improvement must lead INGRAVITTO to reduce costs in its activity, which guarantees its permanence in the market.


The General Management is aware that in order to maintain and develop all of the above, it is necessary that, regardless of providing the appropriate material and human resources, all INGRAVITTO personnel understand and, as such, accept and apply the guidelines, procedures and Other instructions emanating from the Management Manual and from any other document that is applicable to the organization.


INGRAVITTO's General Management designates the Quality Manager as a representative of the Management, providing him with the responsibility, authority and independence necessary to ensure that the QMS is put into practice and is maintained, supporting and supporting its activity.

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