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Centro de Innovación Sevilla
Educational buildings

The education sector is always on the move, and nowadays sustainable architecture is currently making inroads within this sector.


The trend is to create nearly-zero energy buildings, with solar collection systems and clean energy, which minimise emissions to its maximum and generate the needed comfort and well-being for its use.


Educating for sustainability


It has been proven that student development is higher when schools are energy efficient and have a flexible layout of their classrooms and spaces. In addition, educational institutions should set an example of sustainability so that new generations develop their commitment to the environment.

Patio interior colegio
Vista exterior colegio

The classroom environment may affect the children’s academic performance by 25%.


At Ingravitto, we work to create spaces designed to favour teaching activities.


We optimise the lighting conditions for every lesson, we generate the ideal temperature in the classroom and an environment or air with perfect conditions to maximise the students' attention.


In short, natural light + optimum temperature + clean air with maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption with the highest flexibility.


Colour is used as a way of stimulating the senses, or play areas and elements are integrated into the architecture itself.

Ingravitto also works on energy rehabilitation of already existing educational buildings.


Such is the case of some competitions, in which we have won, for the decarbonisation of buildings, we have suggested new climatization systems (adiabatic) and have also planned some clean energy generating systems.


Among these actions to improve comfort and reduce energy demand, we are also making some improvements on the surroundings, in order to keep moving towards the nearly zero energy consumption building model.

Instalación fotovoltaica colegio
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