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The EU has a very clear objective: reducing CO2 emissions and this happens by reducing the energy consumption of buildings. The housing stock in Spain is more than 40 years old and the studies say that more than 40% of CO2 emissions are produced by buildings, so carrying out housing energy rehabilitation is an essential step to take.


Thereunder, the EU makes the Next Generation funds available to its members, of which €3.4billion are destined to housing rehabilitation. This is where the necessary image of the Rehabilitation Agent is born, key to manage and channel these European funds within the Urban Rehabilitation and Regeneration Programme of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.


Ingravitto strengthens its position as Rehabilitation Agent and will be the main figure to carry out the integral management of rehabilitation, including managing and processing of public aid for housing rehabilitation.


The amount of the subsidy is variable and there is a maximum amount set. The amounts are per dwelling and depend on the energy savings achieved.




The energy saving or level of efficiency will be the parameter on the basis of which amounts of aid, expenses and actions will be calculated.

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  •  Preliminary technical and economic feasibility studies (technical actions, total economic cost, subsidised cost).

  • Processing of the subsidy.

  • Consultancy for the financing of the construction process.

  • Technical project linked to procedures.

  • Execution of the work.

Ingravitto offers a turnkey service to the applicant of the intervention, from the preliminary feasibility study to the completion of the works with the obtaining of the subsidy.

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