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Emilio González Villegas   (1976)


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Architect by the ETSA (Technical School of Architecture of the University of Seville) since 2002. He has developed his professional activity linked mainly to mrpr architects until 2020, the date on which he began his collaboration with the Ingravitto Project Management office and with other architecture, urban planning, landscaping and engineering offices. It develops projects in the field of architecture and urban planning, mainly of a residential and public nature, with a strong component in efficiency and sustainability within the BIM methodology.


He has collaborated and worked with different multidisciplinary teams developing various building and urban planning projects, such as SV60 CORDÓN & LIÑÁN ARQUITECTOS, TERRITORIO Y CIUDAD SL, MARIÑAS ARQUITECTOS ASOCIADOS, FACTOR (IA) ARQUITECTURA Y URBANISMO, ARBOREA, SAVENER PROYECTOS, TEDECO INGENIEROS OR INSERCO INGENIEROS


In the period 2013-2015 he collaborates with the research team (Re) Program of the ETSA of Seville in the research project "Recycling and sustainable management of the Andalusian building stock" . Within this R&D&I 2013-2015 project, in addition to the functions of digital editor and responsible for the final publication, he develops proposals with the determinations of the research as an external company _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_(mrpr architects).


During the period 2007-2008 he is Associate Professor of the Department of Architectural Projects of the ETSA of Seville , of the University of Seville.


In the period 2020-2022, he is appointed external member of the University of Seville to form part of the Evaluation Commissions of the End of Study Courts of an enabling nature for the profession of Architect and research in Architecture at the ETSA of Seville, of the University of Sevilla.

His work is collected in various specialized publications, also participating in exhibitions and conferences.


He currently performs the function of executive development manager of complex projects together with a multidisciplinary team of architecture and engineering professionals integrated in Ingravitto Project Management.

These are some of the works that he has developed as a drafting architect in his stage prior to Ingravitto.

Drafting of the project and optional management of 39 vpo, offices and garages. Plot b of PERI AM 201. Seville.

Drafting of the project and optional management of 36 public housing units. Tahivilla. Rate. Cadiz.

Drafting of the project for the construction of a pedestrian itinerary on the right bank of the Guadalquivir dock, in the section between the existing dock on Calle Betis and the free space to the south of the Kiosko de las Flores. Seville

Drafting of the project and optional management of a single-family home in c/Guajira, plot 6D. Huetor Vega, Granada