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Renewable energies

Climate change is a proven fact. Global warming translates into some serious changes in the planet, such as rising sea level, some extreme atmospheric phenomena, deforestation, and the disappearing of species. At Ingravitto, we believe that climate change can be fought against through our work and philosophy, with actions that will bring about great changes for sustainable development.


Our aim is to help transition to clean energy use that reduces the GHG emissions, and, by definition, help improve the citizens’ lives. We want to develop an energy sector based on the use of renewable sources.


As such, we focus on photovoltaic installations, for which we have a great technical team with an extensive specialisation and with our partner, Dicyp Ingeniería BIM, which has a national and international presence. We offer comprehensive management in Photovoltaic Solar Energy Investment Projects, both for private companies and public administration; and we accompany our clients throughout the whole process until they are up and running.

We also offer a 360º service that goes from the search and location of installations to the start-ups of the installation itself. We accompany our clients during the entire process, providing peace of mind and investment security.


1. Search for locations

We find suitable locations from the point of view of solar irradiation, the characteristics of the land and other variables that may influence the optimal and profitable operation of the installation.


2. Preliminary analysis and study of implementation and profitability

The feasibility of the installation is assessed both administratively and technically.


3. Technical advice

In-depth advice is given on the most suitable elements, technology and installation systems, according to the surroundings and other conditioning factors.


4. Complete and global technical development and processing

Technical project drafting from start to Ready to Build (RTB), including administrative procedures.


5. Work Management and Project Management

We carry out the building work and have control of it in order to guarantee the provisions of the technical project’s proper implementation, according to all the variables already considered.




Respect for the environment

Renewable energies are clean, accessible, and environmentally friendly energies. They represent a very significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


Social engagement

We promote the use of local energy, generation wealth and local employment. The efficient use of these installations leads to a sustainable economy in which the society and environment’s well-being are prioritised.


SDGs and Agenda 2030

Universal UN agreement that includes a series of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address the social, economic, and environmental challenges of globalisation.

SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy.

SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities.

Zero Emissions 2040

The Climate Change and Energy Transition Act sets a target date of 2040 for the elimination of non-zero emission vehicles. We are working towards a fleet of light commercial vehicles with no direct CO2 emissions.


Green Deal 2050

The European Green Deal is driven by the transition to clean energy that reduces GHG emissions and helps improve the lives of citizens. Developing an energy sector based on renewable sources


At Ingravitto we support sustainable mobility as a way of minimising the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions in cities. We design recharging systems for electric vehicles based on clean energy, supplied by photovoltaic parks.


Charging points can be public (for public administrations), private for large uses (supermarkets and shopping centres, hotels, cafeterias, cinemas, dealerships, etc.), and private (communal garages, private homes, private companies for vehicle fleets, work centres, office buildings, etc.).


We offer a 360º service for the installation of recharging points:






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