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Fachada hotel
Hotel Architecture

Ingravitto believes there has been an important change as far as hotel architecture is concerned: a change in both the users’ needs, and in mentality itself. Hotels are tending towards excellence in technology, experiences, and sustainability.


Hospitality is about making the guest feel special, giving them a personalised service, and for this, in addition to the actual services themselves, home automation is used to improve the user’s experience, in order to achieve a sensorial architecture. Likewise, spaces adapted to these new needs, workspaces, multifunctional spaces, spas, and gyms must also be envisaged.


Indubitably, hotels must also comply with sustainable objectives, not only in their design, but also in the actual building and installations themselves. Thanks to the energy audits and the new nZEB, measures are being implemented for them to be energy efficient and to achieve energy consumption and economic savings.

Fachada verde hotel

Sustainable hotel models.


The trend and social responsibility are driving the hotel field to unite towards a sustainable transformation of its spaces.


As specialists in energy efficiency and nZEB, we carry out energy audits so that we can guess the flaws in a hotel, energy losses or higher emissions. We conduct detailed studies of lighting, or design home automation and control systems, and technological devices such as presence detectors or timers; being these some of the measures incorporated in our projects to achieve energy savings, which also translate into economic savings.

Smart hotels to make you feel at home.

The use of technology allows us to personalise spaces, in addition to individualised and customised control of lighting, temperature, tv, etc.


We work with every single one of these innovations so that the hotel can provide the guest a better experience, which will be based mainly on their comfort and the feeling of being special.


It is all about avant-garde lodgings, of which details are being taken care of so that their experience is complete.

Detalle interiorismo hotel
Detalle interiorismo hotel

In our hotel projects, we also like to take care of the lighting quality, textiles, furniture. These are details that provide the space with personality and uniqueness, while offering the user a perfect setting, with spaces that may be photographed, that turns into their daily scenery.


The use of vegetation to separate spaces or embellish common areas, organic shapes, botanic inspiration support the sustainability idea whilst giving the whole an avant-garde touch.


Minimalist spaces continue to be a success in the hotel architecture, with handmade furniture according to the users’ needs.

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