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Oficina Endesa Madrid
Offices and workspaces design

The main objective in the planning of workspaces is to achieve an innovative design, with disruptive spaces and different types of furniture that encourage and promote creativity and teamwork. Thus, providing our clients with new ways of personal development.


Innovation and sustainability


Technology is one of the most important points to highlight within our designs. We work with occupancy control systems for workstations, automatically adjustable chairs, touch screens in all collaborative spaces, automatic regulation of lighting and air conditioning or the implementation of charging points for electric vehicles.


Presence of nature and the use of eco-sustainable materials identify our spaces in a unique way, achieving comfortable, user-friendly working environments.

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Fachada Endesa Huelva

We create workspaces according to the needs of each company, big or small.


The image that is transmitted from a company's headquarters is really important for the client, for the transmission of the company's own principles through organisation, compartmentalisation, aesthetics or lighting.

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Interior Endesa

We pursue a sustainable office model.


We use passive architecture resources; we design and calculate installations to reduce the energy consumption.


We attach great importance to lighting and home automation projects.

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Sala reunión material natural

We create open-plan workspaces, spaces for meetings, conferences and socialising, and we provide them with common areas and spaces for well being at work.

These spaces are fully adapted to new necessities at the working environment.

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Interior office
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Fachada Oficina comercial Endesa Madrid

We use noble, high-quality materials that provide aesthetic comfort and convey the principles of the company itself.


We integrate new trends in finishes, providing them with a sensory experience, indoor gardens, carpets, partitions, wood, etc.

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Nuevos espacios Endesa
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