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The informative breakfast organized by Ingravitto on the port and city in the press

Our informative breakfast was held on Wednesday within the framework of our 20th anniversary celebrations. We had organized with a topic that we consider very important and current, a topic in which we are immersed with some of our latest projects: Port and City interaction for a sustainable future.

This event was attended as participants by Antonio Muñoz, Mayor of Seville, Teófila Martínez, as president of RETE - Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities and the Port Authority of the Bay of Cádiz, Rafael Carmona Ruiz, President of the Port Authority of Seville and Rafael Sánchez Durán, PhD, General Director of Endesa in Andalusia, Extremadura, Ceuta and Melilla.

Between them and the rest of the attendees in the room, an interesting debate was established on the future of the ports, the Port of Seville, the Green Ports, the true sustainability of the ports and the responsibilities for them to grow and interact correctly with the cities and citizenship.

These are some media where we have appeared:


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