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Pasarela sanitario

Healthcare buildings, more specifically hospital buildings, are large energy and resources consumers. They tend to be governed by 24h schedules, 365 days a year, which, added to the machinery and facilities’ needs, and higher parameters of comfort and air quality, turn them into very demanding types in terms of energy consumption.


We believe that applying sustainable designs’ performances aiming towards the reduction of environmental impact is essential. This way, the actual building itself will have a value, energy consumption will be reduced, as well as emissions and carbon footprint, and at the same time is contributing to the patient well-being and recovery.




Sustainable architecture implies a positive impact on the environment but also on people’s health. Parameters such as natural lighting obtention, or indoor air and water quality, thermal and acoustic comfort, the use of materials that are easy to clean and hygienic and that are environmentally friendly, recycled, and close by natural materials help generating healthy environments.


It seems logical to think that healthcare buildings may favour the parameters for creating healthy and environmentally friendly surroundings


We design, plan, and build new sustainable buildings and healthcare spaces. These being nearly-zero energy buildings (nZEB), where clean energies are planned for consumption, and emissions are reduced. We consider the whole life cycle during the process, in their construction and also in their maintenance.


Similarly, we carry out energy audits in already existing healthcare buildings in order to assess their possible energy refurbishment, achieving a reduction in energy costs.

We understand that white and neutral surroundings in healthcare spaces convey and have always conveyed this idea of hygiene and asepsis which is being pursued here. But we also believe that these spaces must be endowed with personality, be welcoming places in some cases, and also, they must allow visual comfort and embrace a patient-specialist approach.

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