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Detalle cornisa edificio viviendas
Single-family and multi-family residential architecture

Homes designed by Ingravitto show their strong commitment to architecture so that the quality in each of their projects can efficiently fulfil the demands and needs of our clients.

The result, an architecture that reflects its responsible attitude towards the surrounding environment, not only in economic, but also in social and environmental terms. From a modern and tranquil language, the residential buildings are professionally resolved and executed to last over time. To this end, special emphasis is made in the use of the best materials and the highest quality standards.


Sustainable and Efficient Homes.


Our vision upon residential design, is based on a greater design that boosts architecture and the uniqueness of the building itself, applying the highest sustainability and energy efficiency criteria. We intend to optimise the use of natural resources, promote innovation and energy efficiency via new construction systems, emphasise the integrative design process through new technologies; and to be a driving force for change in these professional performances.

Viviendas plurifamiliares
Residencial plurifamiliar

e create personalised spaces tailored to the needs of each developer, single-family or multifamily, ready to move in and enjoy.


We accompany and assist during the whole process with our turnkey service.

Viviendas plurifamiliares
Interior vivienda diáfano

We design open-plan flexible and luminous spaces, which bring great quality to day-to-day life.


We suggest large, open-plan kitchens with islands, living-rooms with a view, wine cellars, leisure areas, cinema rooms, bedroom suites with dressing rooms and private terraces, studios, offices or reading areas.

Dormitorio vivienda acabados naturales
Exterior edificio residencial volumen

We apply construction systems, materials and installations of the highest quality and technology, using leading brands in the sector.


We create homes that are 100% automatic, technological, with maximum security and efficiency in their installations.

Residencial estancias diáfanas
Residencial doble altura
Vivienda baño
Fachada residencial huecos dinámicos

We defend bioclimatic architecture.


We design energy self-consumption homes, providing great savings in electricity consumption, as well as an economic value to the home

Vivienda piscina

We take care of the surrounding environment. We take care of privacy.


We carry out a detailed study and choose autochthonous species for a great garden design.


We design common areas that guarantee privacy, recreational and collective socialising areas; and spaces that organise the uses and routes among the residential buildings.

Unifamiliar piscina
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